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5 March 2011

One woodworking chore that I find messy is filling cracks, knots and countersunk holes. I invariably mess up mixing sawdust with the regular wood adhesive and the result usually is ugly. Often the sawdust-adhesive plug simply falls out after the finishing is done which makes it more problematic to refill the hole, sand it and finish it to match the rest of the piece. Benson Polymers Limited, makers of Polyfix Woodseal, claim there is an easier way of doing this. They say that cracks can be filled by simply tamping in sawdust – stained to match the finish desired – and applying a few drops of their Woodseal. This will harden and bond with the rest of the wood. The fill can then be sanded and polished. Sounds easy but only actual application will tell.
Woodseal is a highly fluid cyanoacrylate, the likes of which are made by several manufacturers including Pidilite which makes the Fevi Kwick range of cyanoacrylates that are available in a range of viscosity. Woodseal, however, is much cheaper and appears to be formulated specially for bonding wood and using as a sealer. I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt and efficient manner in which my order for a few packets of Woodseal was handled by the company. I got the packets the very next day by courier. Each 50g packet cost Rs 50 plus courier charges.
For more information:
Kapil Jain, Director Mkt,
Benson Polymers Limited.
3 LSC, 3rd Floor, Rishabh Vihar
Delhi, India
Fax +91-11-22372539
Email  bensonpoly@yahoo.com


  1. Paste putties are available which i use if my finish is stain as both are oil based... Or use "chalk powder" mixed with water (to form a paste) if I am using paint for my finish... Either of them works well for me !

    Will explore polyfix though.

  2. Hi Indranil, if possible can you post an article of the various adhesives available and which is suitable for what. As an example Fevicol SH is very commonly used for woodworking however only recently I found out they (Pidilite) have Fevicol SR for laminates amongst other glues. Thanks.

    1. That's a good suggestion but I'll have to find out a little more about the various adhesives available in the Indian market. I'll try to post something in a few weeks.

    2. Hi indranil. Nice work.. Hope u find out about various glues available to us in India.. And i shall try this polyfix. Just what I needed to know at the moment.

  3. Hi! Indranil, I bumped on your DIY wood work site accidentally. I have been going through the site for the past one week during Diwali break. I am also impressed by the work you are doing and your openness to suggestion from bloggers. Traits of a good learner dealing with a diverse subject. My question: I have a second hand chest of drawer made of teak. The top platform has deep criss crossing scratches at the centre as if it has been used as a chopping board. How to fill these before staining and furnishing so that the surface is smooth. Thanks in advance.

    1. Deep scratches will show if you use filler; best is to plane the top down with a hand plane or sand down the top to remove the scratches. No other way I can think of. Best of luck.

    2. Thanks for the prompt response. Using a hand plane would be better in my situation I guess. Thanks for the advise.


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