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I often search the net to find Indian manufacturers and tools - hand tools, power tools, measuring equipment and so on. However, I find that while there are many makers of industrial products, heavy table saws, planers, combination machines and so on, there are very few meant for DIY purposes, small and home workshops.

I would be very grateful if visitors to this blog could point me to products, companies and websites of Indian manufacturers of these tools. Your rating and comments would be of much use and great interest to all visitors.

Please help.



  1. Hi
    I have started of woodworking in a small way in Vellore, about two hours from Chennai.
    I searched for tools online. Amazon does offer a lot of stuff but the possibility of high customs duty and transport costs was a deterrent ( I am on a budget )
    Eastman power tools is an Indian site that offers basic power tools.
    However finally I settled for SKIL. They have an Indian presence and as far as I know the company is bought over by BOSCH.
    I was able to purchase a palm sander, jigsaw, circular saw as well as a planer for about eleven thousand rupees together. I got this from my local supplier.
    hope thi helps

  2. Vinay,
    Congratulations on starting on a hobby that will provide hours of pleasure in the years to come. As for buying tools, my advice is buy gradually and what you can afford but try to buy the best available because usually the better (and more expensive) tools last longer.
    SKIL is a good company making perfectly good tools for DIY purposes. I have a few SKIL products but when I can afford it I buy Bosch because of the better build quality and accuracy.
    I will check out Eastman Power Tools as you suggest.

  3. Hi
    could you put up some snaps of your work environment, and the basic power tools required to start off woodworking. There are western sites available for this but nothing that I could find in the Indian context.
    I would specifically like to know about which vices to purchase (if they are actually necessary). Also information about assembling a work table (and whether a table saw is a must over a circular saw).
    I am sure many of us do not have the facility of a separate work room and do DIY stuff in the balcony (or as I do in the kitchen) Could you post on the essentials, the luxuries and the shortcuts to get things done easier.

  4. Hi Indranil, was so happy to come across your blog. Have just started using some Bosch tools. Would really like to meet up and try and learn some of the finer details of wood-working. I am based out of Delhi.

    girishbht at yahoo dot com


  5. The top Indian hand tool manufacturers in my knowledge are

    others include Even internationally their planes are often regarded as a value buy against the cheap stuff Stanley is making now days. said to be good but I have no experience with their tools.

    Most of these concerns and many more are based in Jalandhar / Ludhiana in Punjab which is the tool manufacturing and export heart of India. GOI is trying to consolidate and strengthen this industry which is still lacking in technology if not quality. Recently a thin wall socket manufacturing facility has been set up at common facility center in Ludhiana.

  6. Thank you Harpreet for your valuable comments.This is useful information indeed. For, I do believe that we must promote and encourage Indian makers who produce quality tools. A big problem is lack of information. Indian manufacturers, especially SMEs, are not good at promoting themselves and generally rely on a small set of dealers to sell their products.
    However, having bought a good number of Indian made hand tools and measuring instruments, I can vouch for their excellent quality and low price.
    I hope this forum will help spread knowledge about tool makers in Punjab, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

  7. Check this link-

    Its a good listing of Indian manufacturers, their products and even some price lists.

  8. Anonymous15 May, 2012

    Real glad I came across your blog. I live in US love working with wood. Planning to move to India in a few months. I will be moving all my tools along household goods by container. Very late in night will create blog account to communicate with you guys. I'm planning to setup a cabinet making shop so I can afford the proper space and tools to justify my hobby!!!!
    Harpreet I purchased an Anant plane was quite disoppointed with the quality. Stanely's home center stuff was bad but of late their woodworking line is reviving old classics at medium price range.

  9. To Kittu: Glad to hear you are relocating and planning to do woodworking in a big way in India. It is wonderful to hear that you will be bringing your interest and expertise here. I look forward to hearing more from you in the months to come.
    Anant Tools: Sad to hear about the quality of Anant planes; was in fact planning to buy one of their craftsman planes. Stanley is so much more expensive and they don't sell their planes in India.

  10. Anonymous16 May, 2012

    I just made my blog active havent posted anything there. It is sad about Ananth tools even though skills available in machine tools and tool and die making in India are world class I am surprised to see that our companies have not exploited them.
    I will try post some costs about hand planes at the lower end in the last couple of years choices have improved in the US in that segment. Using a replacement blade with the Anant will go a long way in making it more usable. The problem is a good thick and good quality tool steel blade costs almost as much as the Anant Plane.


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