Sunil Chetiwal: Hobbyist Innovator

Innovation is at the heart of woodworking. Artisans for thousands of years have attempted to solve complex problems using nothing but the simplest of tools and their ingenuity. Innovation for the Indian hobbyist woodworker is the key to solving complex problems without investing in complex machinery and jigs.

A Delhi-based hobbyist woodworker, Sunil Chetiwal, recently wrote in with photographs of his innovations: a homemade table saw and a drill press stand. Both work perfectly and he can get precision at a fraction of the cost of a regular table saw and drill press stand.

The table saw was done in less than a week, he says. "I made this design in 3 days (one night for design 11:00 pm to 4:00 am) and two days for making, during which I made lots of changes and additions. To suit my needs I added a magnet holder for dust cover and a magnet holder for the saw blade changing tool which needs to be stored inside. The design provides for rattle free working. Our guests never notice it while sitting in the living room."

The series of photographs taken by him tell the whole story.

Chetiwal adds that he did not compromise on the cutting height of the blade by making the table top out of Aluminium sheet used in building facades.

He also made this drill press stand to "make 90 degree accurate holes by drill machine in wooden blocks". The stand is light and easy to hide. He says the "holes in the aluminium plates are watertight (done on lathe machine) and thickness (6 sheet of 4mm "Alucobond, aluminium composite panel 3 layer each makes 18 layers of different material) ensures the perfect up & down movement by hand only. I also have installed depth gauge in it to prevent damage from sudden drop & to adjust drill hole depth."

Chetiwal has been forced to make these innovations as he like most of us lacks space and cannot have machinery lying around the living area which he shares with his wife and small child.

Sunil Chetiwal is a a Country Manger Social Compliance & Ethical Standards doing audits for the last 12 years. He is a hobbyist DIY who works with electrical stuff, thermacol, wood and metal. He has made some great projects (see pix below) and plans to share his work with us. We can only wish him best of luck.

Indranil Banerjie
8 April 2014


  1. Nice work im impressed :-)

  2. Excellent! If you put a hole in the center of the drill guide bottom, The drill can be taken to large materials and straight holes can be drilled in situ. For examples making dog holes in a workbench!

  3. Col Bala Sir,

    Hello. I was in service before I took PMR, a rank before you. I request you to help me with some info regarding woodwork. I will share my contact details with you when I hear from you.

    Regards and thanks

  4. Dear Mr. Chetiwal

    Very nice.

    Just a question, from the pictures it appears that the coffee table is in the living room, how do get people in you household to allow you to use your table saw in the living room. You must have some amazing dust collection/extraction systems.


  5. Sunil Chetiwal15 April, 2014

    Dear Umaji,

    As mentioned earlier I don't have much space in my house so, I have fixed wheels in this table and have to take it out in garden if any work is there.

    Sunil Chetiwal

  6. Sunil Chetiwal15 April, 2014

    Dear Mr. Bala,

    Yes I already drilled one in bottom enable me to use this drill press to drill in wall as it's very light weight.


  7. Well Gaurav855, My Email is

  8. Anonymous03 July, 2014

    Excellent stuff Mr. Chetiwal! Is there some way we can buy this stuff and get it delivered in US? We have to do lot of assembling on our own over here but still far away from getting around such master pieces. Wish I'll be able to view this stuff soon this year in person :)

    Malvika Sharma

  9. Very Good Product ,


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