DIY Table Saw Stand

Sunil Chetiwal is the most innovative person I have met. Despite working as a fulltime auditor in a private company that entails more than a 100 km of daily commuting, Sunil finds time to pursue his zeal for DIY projects around the house.

His home is replete with examples of his innovations. His small spotlessly clean drawing room is full of furniture he has carefully designed and made; each piece, whether a table or sofa, contains storage space for his enormous collection of tools, jigs and hardware. To outsider it is just another drawing room but to us fellow DIY-ers, Sunil revealed its secret, transforming it into a compact workshop complete with a homemade table saw, router table and dozens of jigs.
Stand prior to painting


Sunil is extremely energy conscious and his home has several innovations worth emulating. Their drawing room doubles as a dining room with a small knockdown dining table that folds into itself and can be tucked away conveniently. During meals they switch off lights in the other rooms including their hallway that leads to the kitchen; the lights in the hallway come one whenever someone enters thanks to a simple sensor. Sunil has wired the lights outside his house to be switched on by remote, convenient when they return at night. He has also stuck LED strips behind his TV to provide ambient light. His other innovations are too numerous to list.

Sunil recently purchased a Metabo table saw (TS 250) and built a collapsible stand for it. With this he can easily carry the table saw inside and outside his apartment. Although he knows how to weld and has a welding kit, he decided to get the saw stand welded at a local machine shop. The great thing about his design is the ease with which the stand can be extended and collapsed. It is pretty sturdy too.

Saw stands can be expensive but this hardly cost him a thousand rupees and is obviously easy to use and sturdy too; Full marks to him for another impressive DIY innovation.

See a video of the saw stand

Indranil Banerjie
24 June 2014

Additional images and photo submitted by Sunil Chettiwal (5 November 2015). These images were provided in response to a reader query. Sunil says he tweaked the design somewhat but made no fundamental changes. Click on the images below for a better view.



  1. Excellant!, I am eager to meet Sunil. Glad to know more and more people here who do great woodwork!

  2. Hi Bala,

    You are most welcome. Me too want to meet people like you to learn.

  3. I bought Dewalt DW175 miter saw two months ago. I have problem with cutting board 90 degree. Do you think I use table miter saw improve cutting boar? I want to décor crib for my daughter

    1. Try your table saw for wider cuts which aren't possible with a regular mitre saw.

  4. would you public dimensions, please
    and detail of locking mechanism?

  5. Dear Yemre,

    Sorry for late reply as I was travelling to Rajasthan, India from last one week.

    I am sending the photographs to administrator Mr. Indiranil to post on blog. I start working on few designs & subsequently changed it as I was building the one. pic number 1 and 4 are the final design which i tried to stick to. Hope this is helpful for you any query is welcome.

  6. i can not see detail of locking mechanism on photos

    1. Please see the images appended at the end of the article.

  7. Hi Mr. Sunil, Excellent DIY Stand. I had recently purchased a Metabo TS250, and want to know if we get dado blades for the table saw in India?

  8. Thanks Mani.

    I am not sure that dado blades are available in India but I am regularly in touch with the peoples in largest tool market of India for this. Will keep you inform for any progress through this fantastic Blog.

  9. Dear Mani,

    There is one company in India (faridabad) how claims that the are manufacturers of saw blade but also for 8" Dado blades. I tried many times but unable to contact these guys, secondly the nay not be very much interested to sale these blade in retail. So try your luck. sending you the contact information for the company called "Basco Tools"

    1. Thank Mr. Sunil, I will try them and see if I get away with any luck... Will keep you posted!


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