Happy New 2015

2014 went by in a flash. Looking back, the year was one of things left incomplete. This year I plan to finish all of them - both the woodworking ones and the others.

My room insulation project

One reason why my regular woodworking has taken a beating in recent weeks is my room insulation project.

I began the insulation process using regular wooden batten (Meranti wood) for studs, thermal-acoustic glass-wool insulation material and plywood for cladding. A huge problem was the quality of the Meranti studs. I needed ten foot long studs to reach to the ceiling but found almost all of them warped badly. Spent a lot of money buying supposedly better quality wood but ended up with the same problem. As a result I had to spend a lot of time hand planing the studs to make them as flat on two sides as possible. The end result was passable but far from perfect.

I then began researching other options for the project and came to the conclusion that metal studs (galvanised steel or aluminium) would be cheaper, straighter and easier to install. I spent a few weeks finding sources for steel and aluminium studs and finally located some last week. The problem is most suppliers do not respond well to small-time single transaction customers. 

The aluminium studs or C-channels to be more precise would cost me about ` 700 for a 10 foot section while the corresponding steel section would cost about ` 200. Moreover, the steel channels are available locally whereas the aluminium ones would have to be procured from Delhi which means additional transportation costs. I am still waiting for the vendor to get back to me.

As for the cladding, 6mm plywood is not the best option for two reasons: one, its not cheap and second it does not take OPO (plaster of Paris) coating well, which is a problem if you want to add POP cornices and other mouldings.

Drywall is one option and it’s the cheapest one given that a 4 by 8 feet sheet costs just ` 320. Drywall sheets are meant to be screwed on to the metal studs and the seams covered with a special tape and putty. Drywall takes regular putty and paint finish.

If my experiment with drywall is a success, I plan to insulate all the bedrooms in the house. This ought to make a major difference in comfort levels during the harsh summers here in north India.

Meanwhile I am continuing to chip away at a couple of long standing projects and will post pictures once they are done.

With that here is wishing all of you a very happy 2015. Good luck.

Indranil Banerjie
1 January 2015


  1. That would be great to see your project coming through. Have a very nice and tool rich year ahead.

  2. Insulation will definitely make your room more comfortable during summer. looking forward to your project completion. Good Luck & Happy New Year to you.

    1. Thanks Kishore and the best to you too.


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