November is the Best Month

November is the best month in North India: neither cold nor too warm. The afternoons are pleasant, great for walking, while the evenings and mornings are refreshingly cool.

The intense humidity of the Monsoons has long receded and our brick and concrete house cooled down. This is the best time for woodworking, doing chores around the house and maintenance work.

There is so much to do that I find myself left with little time for my blog. The sun sets earlier each day and rises late, and I must rush to find all the moments for the big and small things.

I had begun milling a pile of wood as soon as the Monsoons receded. I have a list of at least two dozen projects for this winter which I hope to complete before the heat returns in early April.

Toiletries Cabinet for the Mother

Yesterday, I completed a quick and simple toiletries cabinet for my mother who had been complaining about lack of storage in her bathroom. The cabinet was put together quickly with plywood joined by pocket screws; making the doors, painting and adding hardware took the most time. The paint has dried and the cabinet is ready for mounting.

I have been working on several projects at the same time as I find I need to take a break from milling wood and it is more efficient for me to stagger work on different projects during the day.

I have put together the case of a liquor cabinet. For this I am using White Oak for the case which has been put together by dovetail joints. The top will be a frame and panel affair of Red Oak frame and a White Oak panel.

I have been going somewhat slow on this project as I have been experimenting with a few different finishing techniques and haven't quite decide on one. The challenge is to accentuate the pores in the Oak to produce a more dramatic than usual finish.

Work in Progress: Teak side table

I am also working on a short table which will have two shelves for books. The table would be a convenience for people like myself who like to read several books and require a table top for glasses and so on.

I also spent time organising the quantities of scrap and smaller pieces of wood scattered all over the house.  Unused scraps of plywood were glued and nailed together to make supports for longer pieces.

Scrap and off cuts organised and staircase cleared following a lot of complaints

Under workbench storage for pieces for ongoing projects

I also made storage space beneath my workbench to store wood from projects in progress. Now it is much easier to access pieces as and when required. Similar size scrap pieces and off cuts separated into little piles or stored in cardboard boxes is also terribly convenient, especially when one is searching for a particular size of wood.

Mantel clock from scrap pieces

These "scraps" came to good use in my projects and I had great fun making a mantel clock out of pieces that had once seemed destined for the fire. A couple of little boxes too have come out of this.

In all its been a busy time thanks to the weather which has also forced us out a lot especially in the afternoons strolling through Connaught Place and the parks nearer home.

Indranil Banerjie
28 November 2016


  1. Excellent. Your creations are sources of our inspirations.

  2. Fantastic Indranil..Each one is a gem. Great going.

  3. Hi, do you take workshops for college students intreared in learning woodwork?

    1. Sure. Email me at with a little more details about yourself and what sort of thing you are looking for.


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