Passion for Boxes

I suppose I am into making boxes. I just love those containers and the thought of polishing and embellishing them.

They make great gift items too and I have never failed to get a pleased smile in return. That makes it all worthwhile.

My favourite boxes are made of dovetails; gives me good practice and makes for a strong box that will hopefully endure for decades.

Last week I finished putting together a small video I have been painstakingly making over winter. I've put it up on Youtube and can also be viewed below.

Hope you like it.

Indranil Banerjie
24 February 2017


  1. Dear Indranil, How should an hobby wood worker dimension the wood for project - go to some carpenter with machines, buy table saw, buy band saw, keep trying to dimension by hand tools ? If table saw or band saw, then which one ?

    1. There are two aspects to dimensioning: first is getting all four sides square and paralel to each other. This is the most time consuming and difficult. Could be done with hand planes or at a place that has surface planers and thicknessers. Cutting wood to right length and width is easily done with a hand saw or with table saw. For hobbyists it is best to buy a benchtop model such as Bosch or Metabo, or go for very effective but cheap (12k) Chinese models.


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