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Vishwakarma Puja 2015
September 17, Thursday, 2015: Today is Vishwakarma Puja  - the day Hindus remember the celestial craftsman, down their tools and spend the day cleaning their tools, workshops and factories. All of industrial India shuts down on this day. [17 September 2015]

Toys from Lee Valley
I am constantly on the look-out for friends and acquaintances travelling to the United States and whenever I locate someone, I pester that person with a request to carry some tools back to India for me. [27 July 2015]


Winter is Over
Winter is over now that Holi is here, a festival that traditionally marks the end of winter and ushers in a brief spring. Looking back, I wonder where the weeks of winter went; they flashed past, left me clutching at wishes and half-finished projects. What did I do all winter? [4 March 2015]
Some of the wood milled this winter

DIY Woodworkers at DelhiWood 2015
Two fellow DIY woodworkers - Dinabandhu Mitra from Kolkata and Zainul Abdedin from Chandigarh - had travelled here to visit the exhibition. We were joined by another DIY enthusiast from Delhi, Sunil Chettiwal. The four of us scoured the exhibition looking for products of interest to DIY woodworkers. Even though the exhibition focused on large scale furniture and wood product manufacturers, we found plenty of interesting stuff for small-time woodworkers like ourselves. [9 February 2015]

Perils of Ordering Tools from Abroad
I occasionally order tools from abroad, particularly from the United States and Japan, two countries that make excellent and (somewhat) affordable hand tools. I have bought saws, specialist chisels and a host of jigs and accessories.Recently, however, I had a terrible experience importing a small consignment of sharpening tools from Japan.[27 January 2015]

Happy New 2015 One reason why my regular woodworking has taken a beating in recent weeks is my room insulation project.I began the insulation process using regular wooden batten (Meranti wood) for studs, thermal-acoustic glass-wool insulation material and plywood for cladding.I came to the conclusion that metal studs (galvanised steel or aluminium) would be cheaper, straighter and easier to install.[1 January 2015]

December Musings
I am aware that I have been neglecting my blog. That is partly because I am in the process of doing a whole lot of things, tending to my petunias for one. My woodworking has been largely restricted to milling wood. [14 December 2014]

My petunias are beginning to bloom - December is a lovely month!

100th Mislestone Contest
To celebrate the 100th blog entry of Indian DIY, I held a contest for readers of this blog and woodworking enthusiasts in October 2014. Contestants were required to submit details about their favourite project and describe briefly what materials, tools and process were used. The winner  was Kishore Singh Parihar of Jodhpur for his remarkable submission of a sturdy trestle table made entirely of scrap wood and the runner-up was Col CV Bala of Mhow for his frame and panel door.

Bosch: Culture Catalyst
Bosch is trying to create a DIY (Do It Yourself) community in this country. For starters, Bosch has set up a DIY Square in one of their dealer's premises in downtown Bangalore (Banerghatta Road) where anyone interested is encouraged to try out the many Bosch DIY tools free of cost. [29 August 2014]

VP Bosch Power Tools, Vijay Pandey

DIY Table Saw Stand
Sunil recently purchased a Metabo table saw (TS 250) and built a collapsible stand for it. With this he can easily carry the table saw inside and outside his apartment. Although he knows how to weld and has a welding kit, he decided to get the saw stand welded at a local machine shop. [24 June 2014]

Simple DIY Projects Dipti Agarwal, a DIY enthusiast, came over on the weekend with her husband and a video team to shoot a couple of sequences for some Youtube videos on DIY they are putting together. I thought that was a good idea and decided to go along.The focus was on really simple but useful projects for the home which anyone without any skills could take on. [31 March 2014]

Article on DIY in Hindu BusinessLine
Sravanthi Challapalli, a Chennai based journalist has written an excellent article on the DIY scene in India. [20 March 2014]

Hobbyist Tool Sellers Go Online
Expect more and more hobbyist hand and power tools to be available online in the near future as companies begin pushing online sales. As a first, the Indian subsidiary of the German toolmaker Bosch has tied up with the popular Indian online retailer Flipkart to market some of its products online. [11 December 2013]

DelhiWood 2013
The Expo centre near my house in Greater Noida has become a world class trade fair venue where a number of major exhibitions are held every year. My interest naturally was in DelhiWood 2013 (31 Janaury-3 February).

Ten Useful Chemicals for Woodworkers
he branded products tend to be far more expensive than the basic chemicals they are made from and often it is best to use the unmixed variety for most woodworking uses. Here is a list of some of the more useful ones.

Singh's PantoRouter
An extremely resourceful Indian originally from Jalandhar is making PantoRouters in Japan. It is a great tool that can replicate wood joints and other parts.

My Top Ten Imports
I have been picking up tools, hardware and so on from abroad over the years and can now order a lot of stuff from amazon.com (or through junglee.com). Some of the stuff I have got are so useful that I wonder how I got on without them.

Information Wanted on Indian Manufacturers
I would be grateful if visitors to this blog could point me to products, companies and websites of Indian manufacturers of these tools. Your rating and comments would be of much use and great interest to all visitors.

Amazon Enters India
I was delighted to learn that amazon.com had finally begun to offer services in India, albeit in a very limited manner, through a website called www.junglee.com.

Polyfix Woodseal
One woodworking chore that I find messy is filling cracks, knots and countersunk holes. Benson Polymers Limited, makers of Polyfix Woodseal, claim there is an easier way of doing this.

Delhi Wood 2011: A Quick Look
The woodworking industry in India is still in a fledgling state, albeit growing by leaps and bounds as Indians with more disposable incomes turn to higher end furniture, fixtures and wood products.

Where To Get What in Delhi
Unlike in the West where large hardware depots and online stores provide under one roof every conceivable item required by the DIY worker, in India half the job is getting hold of the right materials.



  1. Hello sir,
    I have a question about making a box storage bed. Can you please gide me which material is good and easy to work with , plywood or block board as primary material.
    Thanks &Regards

    1. Subhankar, plywood and blockboard have their pros and cons. Board is not as dense or strong as plywood but it does not sag and is very good for making frameless objects. Using board requires covering the edges not only for aestehtics but also to prevent moisture ingress. Both are easy to work with but board might be a better choice for such a project. Best of luck.

    2. Thank you sir for your valuable advise....will inform you once I am successful in my venture.


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