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 Girish from Delhi writes about his problems and work:
"One question: I have been using a Bosch GHO 26-82 portable planer. It has reversible blades, which worked really well for the first few uses with pine wood. But when I used it on teak, it wore out in 2-3 days. This is really confounding, considering the replacement blades cost Rs. 420 a pair, which makes no sense at all. I don't know if I am doing something wrong (though it didn't seem so with pine wood) or if this really is a problem with these blades, on hard wood.

Another issue I am facing is with a Bosch random orbital sander (model Bosch GEX 150 AC). The velcro on the sander rubber pad for sandpaper disc attachments doesn't grip any more. I was hoping there would be a way to reuse the sander pad. Replacements cost about Rs. 1250. I tried brushing the velcro with a nylon brush, but that didn't help much. My only grouse is the steep cost for those parts that face much wear and tear.
Girish's Bed Design
I live in Vasant Kunj. It is little difficult to have to lug everything outdoors to work. I don't have a work table either, but plan to build one. There is no scope for a workshop space as such, though I have a little enclosed yard (10 x 7 ft.) - allows me to store some of the longer wood pieces. I am learning to build a really basic bed now, with some help from a carpenter friend. I have attached a rough SketchUp model here. Also attaching images for a small collapsible cabinet I worked on, a couple of months back when I was just starting to use the tools. It is based on a traditional Sikkimese table design (call Choktse). I worked out the artwork digitally, and then got a student from the handicraft training centre in Gangtok to paint it directly on the cabinet. So, just starting out really, but have some painted furniture ideas to work on."

Girish's Cabinet
ps. Could someone like Harpreet advise Girish on his problems with power tools?

Have a good weekend!

Indranil 26 February 2012


  1. Hello Girish,
    I wonder if you are storing your sander without a sanding pad attached to it. Over time it tends to break the plastic hooks of the velcro under the weight of the sander. Always keep a sanding disc on.
    You have me stumped on the planer blades. Have you worn both sides of the blades? I thought Bosch was selling their planers with their famed Woodrazor blades. Check if yours are different. Although all planer knives struggle in hard wood, Woodrazor are supposed to last longer. Anyway now you know premium tools need premium care.
    Good luck.

  2. Thanks Harpreet for your comments again. I am simply amazed by the range of your knowledge!

  3. Hi Harpreet, I do actually leave the the sandpaper disc on, so its quite a mystery that the velcro has worn out. I went and got a new rubber pad from Kotla, but I also discovered that some folks in Chawri refurbish worn out pads, with velcro from sadar. I don't know how reliable this is, but I think I will give it a shot. Double sided Woodrazor blades is what I was using, but I realized that the thin groove in the replacement blades I last got from Kotla is very slightly wider. These had not come in any sort of packaging, so its possible that they aren't original Bosch. But the problem of wearing out was also with the original blades. Thanks for the inputs. I will now be more careful using the planer.

  4. Anonymous15 May, 2012

    I have had a couple of sanders. I have used them quite a bit over the last few years I havent had this problem. Initially I thought it might be due to extreme heat(You could still check that out though).
    I was looking at your plan you would need to have a leg in the middle of your center rail to support the middle of the bed. I have made three beds using slightly different techniques mind you nothing fancy but they are sturdy and have been using them for nearly six years. Learnt a few things about bed design some issues still need to be thought out. I will be making a Blog to provide more Info.

  5. Anonymous15 May, 2012

    almost forgot. You can get good quality blades made even with carbide tips if you find a tool maker. Im sure there are plenty where you are. I found one in Bangalore where I lived. That is the advantage in I we can get good professional help that one cant imagine in the west. Look where the lathe operators and shops are ask them where they get their blades and tips sharpened you will end up with a tool maker


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