General Purpose Saw

A general purpose saw is among the first tools a hobbyist woodworker should acquire. The tool is simple to use, robust and can accomplish a multitude of sawing tasks. I put together this little video, the first for this blog, in response to a query regarding what saws to buy. I hope it will be useful to newbies.

Indranil Banerjie
6 February 2014


  1. Hi Indranil

    Do let me know from which site I can order stanley hand saw. Thank you

  2. Longi: I buy my hand tools from Delhi's Chawri Bazar. I am not familiar with markets in other cities. Most hand tools stores around the country should stcok this basic saw. This is their contact info taken from their website:
    For Sales Enquiry
    Stanley Works India Pvt Ltd
    4/24A, AB House,
    Asaf Ali Road,
    New Delh - 110 002
    Phone No. - 011- 43569000

    North & East
    Mobile +91-9311859002
    Mobile +91-9321998578
    Mobile +91-9341408578

    best wishes

  3. Hi indranil, could you please tell me the difference between Stanley 15-809 and 20-807 Mini-hacksaw? Both have 10" blade and looks alike...unable to comprehend the difference here. Thanks a ton in advance!


  4. Dipanjan: They look very similar. I have one of them. Very limited use.

  5. Dear Mr. Indranil,

    Looking at the Stanley India website, they have two saws listed under their "Plastic Handle Saws" section which has an image of the saw that says "General Purpose Saw" on the protective sleeve.

    However, both these saws (part-number 20-082 and 20-083) are specified with a Cross-Cut tooth pattern. I was expecting a general purpose saw to have a Rip-Cut pattern.

    So I wonder if the saw in your demo video is some other Stanley part-number altogether.

    Could you let me know the part-number, and basic spec (TPI/Length/Tooth-pattern) of your saw, please?

    So I can then look for the same saw on the market.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Avinash: Extremely sorry for the delay in replying but I seem to have missed your comment entirely.
      You are right, most Stanley general purpose saws have teeth closer to a cross cut pattern. These can be used for ripping smaller pieces but aren't terribly efficient at ripping long lengths. But absolutely fine for ripping plywood, board and so on.
      My saw is a 20 inch 7tpi general purpose saw probably model no 20.074.
      These days I usually use a Japanese Kataba for ripping long pieces, which I purchased from
      best wishes

  6. I have bought the BAHCO AP06 general purpose saw from ebay for Rs 650.
    Till now usage has been limited to plywood, and I have no complaints. Cuts like a dream, and I use it more than my skil 5301 power saw, just for the sake of simplicity.
    - Siddhartha

    1. Congratulations on your new acquisition. Once you get used to cutting with a hand saw, you will use your power saw less and less.

  7. Congrats on your new obtaining. When you get used to cutting with a hand saw, you will utilize your energy saw less and less.


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