A video in Hindi for Indian DIY Aspirants

I have uploaded a new video on Youtube. It is about making a box/tray with box joints using hand tools only. The video is in Hindi as I felt there is a large population here more comfortable with Hindi than with English who might wish to get into DIY woodworking.

This video is not aimed at experts or those proficient in woodworking but for DIY aspirants like myself who like to potter around with wood in their spare time. My Hindi is not the best and I hope viewers would excuse grammatical and other mistakes.


Click on the youtube button for larger size video

Indranil Banerjie
21 April 2016


  1. Very nice video and I am sure it will reach out to a whole new group of DIYers.

  2. Nice sir
    Please update more videos about Diy projects

    1. Thanks Chauhan - please share with friends and subscribe to my channel.


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