Project - A Tea Caddy

Tea Caddy

Morning tea made of aromatic Darjeeling pickings is a ritual that many of us consider sacred. I for one cannot do without my morning cup, brewed and had with a spot of milk.

The preferred method of making good tea is to pour boiled water into a ceramic teapot and then spoon in the requisite amount of tea leaves. Stir gently and allow the tea to be brewed with the pot covered with a tea cosy for between 3 and 5 minutes depending on the kind of tea. Once done tea is best enjoyed in a China cup.

It is handy to have a caddy around with compartments for storing tea leaves, sugar sachets and spoons. This can sit comfortably on a bedside stand along with the pot of tea, cups and saucers.

The interior

Accordingly, I spent several months conceiving and manufacturing a tea caddy. Since it started off as an experiment, I used wood that was lying around - a piece of spruce for the front and back, teak for the sides, rubber wood for the top and Wenge for the top edges. The inside trays are of Pine.

The finish is Shellac.

Took me a while to add the little details including the faux leather tray bottoms.
Rather pleased though with the way it turned out.

Indranil Banerjie
19 May 2016


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