Reader Projects January 2017

While I thought I was extremely busy with my house improvement and woodworking projects, I find some of our regular readers have been even more busy.

Raj Moudgil from Assam sent me photographs of the bed he has recently made. It is way better than his previous projects which shows that his woodworking has improved dramatically in recent times.

Moudgil's bed

This bed is a fine example of professional quality work.

Bed headboard

He also built a bench-type sofa-cum-bed.

Moudgil's wooden sofa

Sunil Chetiwal in Delhi was busy building a cupboard for his wife. This was a plywood project that was meant to be put together quickly.

Chetiwal's sofa

Cupboard interior

Ashok George in Bangalore too has been busy getting his workbench together and making various tools.

George's Cambered Iron

Mteric Dowel Plate

He made a couple of dowel plates (metric) one of which he sent me and ground a lovely camber on a hand plane blade for me. I intend to use this blade for hogging lot of wood, in effect turning one of my planes into a scrubbing plane.

Thanks, chaps. Keep sending in your projects so that others might be inspired and motivated to keep at it.

Indranil Banerjie
24 January 2017